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Are you seeking to adopt an email marketing campaign for your business? We can help. We are a professional and experienced email marketing company. We have been in the market managing email campaigns for the last five years and we have managed to build a happy and satisfied clientele base. Our team is made-up of experts who are pros in creating well-designed, engaging, emails that are in line with your business brand and synchronize with the industry best practices.

Our email-marketing package is comprehensive. We will create a campaign from scratch, from designing to sending and analysis for effectiveness, provided you provide the mailing lists. If you wish a specific message send, you can provide it or we can write it. Actually, our services to you include; setting up your account, upload your contact list, design email templates that fit your products, create the desired product image, emotion, and more importantly, match your company colors. To bring in the feel of the company, we include the company logo on the template.

To ensure that the campaign is effective and your preferences are catered for; we start b y creating two templates for you to review and select one that pleases you the most. We use this template for the campaign. The objective in designing a template is to create a lasting impression with the custom template. We will then program the template into an easy-to-use design that is popular with the majority of email software in the market.

After creating and sending the emails, for us, the work has just begun. We will carry out an analysis of the campaign to establish its effectiveness. Our operating principle is; no matter how perfect and professional the campaign is, it is worthless is no results. Therefore, to ensure that we hit the primary goal, we have to carry out an analysis of its effectiveness. Importantly, we don’t leave, not until the job is done.

Our rates are affordable and you will find them to be the most competitive in the market. More interestingly, our email designs can be used over and over again, saving your time and finances.

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Email Marketing

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