Web design and web development in 2013

Whether you are a web designer or a website owner, or even curious about web design, you must have realized that web designing is a highly dynamic art. In fact, web design is more dynamic that fashion. The trends used in creation of websites change over time and it is even hard to sometimes stay up to date with the emerging new strategies and trends in the industry. Web design and web development in 2013 is taking amazing trends. Some of the trends which are being experienced are those of late 2012. It is however projected that, these will also change. Nevertheless, some of the trends expected to dominate web design and development include;

The first trends is; design and development of responsive websites. It is not news that mobile devices are taking over in web access. If you look out the window right now into the street, you definitely will see not less a good number of people on their mobile devices. It is therefore important that, any web designed should not only be accessible through mobile devices, but also look good on any resolution. This is quite useful if you have to gain from your website either financially or socially. In addition, the web development 2013 is done to ensure that, a visitor is able to gain from the website either on the go or at home.

The second trend that will characterize web design and development in 2013 is the use of considerably large buttons and linked images. As Smartphones and tablets make up the most used web access tools, it means web access is done on the go, when on the bank queue or hanging out with friends. The user will need to capture what they want easily and with ease. Images therefore make the best content type to present the information fast with ease and attract interest. On the other hand, as touch screen is the trend with the current devices, it requires that links and content be in a considerably large font. It has also been proven that, links with large font size receive an increased number of clicks.

The third trend is integration of websites with social media. It is obvious that social media has taken up a better part of today’s living. Moreover, social media have millions of persons using them. For any website, this is a rich pool so source traffic from. For any web design and development ion2013 to sell, it must allow customer to share it through social media. This trend was used in 2012 and it does not seem to be ending any soon. It is projected that, this trend will grow and continue to become essential in any web design event especially for online shops.

The other trend that you might not have realized but its gaining prominence among web designers is the elimination of horizontal scrolling and the vertical schooling only. Statistics show that, website with vertical scrolling only are to have visitors stay longer but those with horizontal scrolling have high bounce rate. This trend is more spelled in web access using mobile devices.

By: Danny S. (01/12/13)

How to hire a professional web designer

Do you want to create a website or give a retouch to your existing website? One of the options of doing it is to hire a web designer. The process of searching for and acquiring the services of a web designer can be very intimidating and frustrating. There are hundreds of thousands of web designers out there and distinguish between them and establish the one best suited for the job is the first step to getting it right. We will give you a result proven guide on how to establish that a web designer is the right one for the job before hiring them.

The first thing is; establish what they can do. It is obvious that, what one web designer can do it not necessarily what another can. Moreover, one designer can be best in one area but struggle in another. To find out this, there is only one way; communication. First, you need to ask for portfolio, or a resume of what they can do or have done. The portfolio will help in affirming their skills and fields of expertise. Advice: the portfolio is best given online so that you can look at a few of the websites they have created. The advantage of this is it helps to show how diverse the web designer is, considering you might want various types of interactive sites now or in the future.

The second thing is to establish a one on one communication with the web designer. This can be a live chat, a voice over or visual one. If possible, you can use at least two before you hire the web designer of choice. This is possible through the various tools available with the most common being Skype. During this interview, ask the web designer what they can do for your website. The answer is not only what to look for, but also the nature of the answer, and the confidence displayed in answering. One factor to consider is how fast they respond to questions.

If after the interview you feel that some cats are still not out of the bag, don’t hesitate or play sympathetic, just move one in search of another designer. Remember, hiring the wrong designer will cost you time, money and inconvenience you big time.

The third thing is experience. However, it will be quickly noted that, experience should not be used to limit a web designer. Remember, we all have got a first time. Even though experience is good, a good web designer might not have had the opportunity to show their prowess. It is recommended, is a web designer seems up to the task, don’t hesitate to hire, you might provide the experience they need.

The fourth thing is their website. On the same note, it will be added that, even though this is a good way to show how good they are, it does not mean they are professional web designers. Remember, most will craft their websites in a manner that they are best at. The big question is; can they design the type of website you want? For example, a virtual shop is quite different from a personal website.

It is therefore concluded; to hire a professional web designer requires you communicate as much as possible.

By: Danny S. (01/05/13)

Affordable web design

Are you looking for reliable, affordable and success guaranteed web design services? Well, look no further for we Websites Depot Inc., have the skills, the man power, and the will to offer just that, with your satisfaction being our prime objective. We have established track record of success and customer satisfaction. We have a team of web designers who are not only professionals in what they do, but also passionate in weaving and crafting your sites according to your preferences. Our experience ranges from web creation from scratch to website management. For instance, if you are seeking to increase your online presence and it seems impossible to achieve the targeted PR, we can help. Apart from the above, we also offer consultation services, so if there is an element in your site that seems confusing, why not get in touch and allow us provide a solution to the best of our knowledge?

From the experience our staff has built over the years, we can handle almost any type, style and design of a website. We have satisfactorily designed websites for individuals, small and large businesses, organizations, hotels, and temporary campaign sites. We u8nderstand the intrinsic elements of a site and we seek to have them included in your site to make the best of it. Are you aware that the look and feeling generated by your site is an important part of your site? For example, the look of your café website should be appealing enough, not to prompt visitor to the site want to order a cup of coffee, but to make sure that every time they think of coffee, it is your café that comes up first on their memory.

In designing your site, we will throw in some of the vital elements that matter in today’s digital market like mobile support and SEO sensitivity. Websites form a major part in online marketing today, based on this; we try our best to ensure that what we design sites that conform to the standard SEO requirements. These are guaranteed to build your PR and increase the ability of being found online. Like wise, mobile devices are becoming the most used for internet access, it is based on this fact that we ensure that sites we craft support web 2.0 which is the platform which supports mobile content.

In the entire web design package we offer, we try to remain affordable. We have flexible programs that seek to accommodate the needs of each and every of our customers. But do not get this wrong, we do not prioritize affordability above quality.

To achieve our goal of maximizing on customer satisfaction, we have a strategy that ensure that you the customer in onboard the web design program and we walk with you every step of the way. The major aim for this strategy is to ensure that you are satisfied with the entire process, and your preferences are observed to the latter. To prove our experience, you can visit our website, the testimonial page for more, then get in touch and allow us weave or tune-up your site for you.

By: Danny S. (11/12/12)

Mobile web design and mobile internet use

It is obvious that currently, the majority of internet users are doing so from their mobile devices. With this knowledge, it is important for web designers to ensure that websites are mobile-accessible. Unfortunately, mobiles do not support the same platform that computers and Mac devices do. Mobile devices can only access content on the web 2.0 platform. It is therefore important that, when web designers are crafting websites, they should ensure that they are sensitive to web 2.0. In the modern world, websites are not just for the sole objective of reaching and informing readers, but to also generate traffic which has the likelihood of converting to profits for business under the e-commerce strategy.

It is also common knowledge that, unlike other sources of information, websites have this funny attribute that; it’s typically impossible to carefully read through content on a website. Website visitors will only skim over the content and any little sign of not getting what they want. They immediately hit the back button. Increase of this strategy leads to increased bounce rate, an attribute that is not healthy for your mobile site. It is only important that website designers understand this and present content in simple, straightforward and easy to read manner. One strategy that has proven useful is the use of pictorial content, which includes banners.

The above is rounded on the fact that, mobile browsing is normally done on-the-go basis. Most mobile users will access the internet while waiting on a queue, walking on the street or hanging out with their friends. The main objective of mobile browsing is therefore not to offer detailed content, but simple and straight forward content.

So, what exactly do mobile internet users use it for? According to statistics, the majority of those who use access the internet through mobile devices, about 2 billion persons and growing in the entire globe, use the internet for social purposes. These use Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn among other social sites to catch up with friends, stay at par with what is happening or inform their friends of their situation.

The other lot of mobile device users’ use then to search for services they need around them. For example, to establish the café they can catch a cup of coffee immediately, the ATM near them, or the way to a certain location. With the introduction of smart phones, mobile web browsing is taking a completely different dimension. Applications are the order of the day. Some of the most used application based on app downloads and internet access statics are social media, Google maps, and games.

So, for internet based marketing companies, it is important to understand these facts and use them in the effort to reach the most mobile users. Moreover, it is evident that by the year 2015, the mobile devices will be the major devices used to access the internet. It will therefore pay for e-commerce sites to major on social media marketing, use of applications and then building sites that support web 2.0.

By: Danny S. (09/12/12)

Submit your link or not submit?

Link submission is still extremely important for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website ranking and Google Page Rank. Number of links, quality links are basic mathematical parameters that Google, Alexa and any other online websites measurements and ranking institutions are using. If you heard about Panda effect, you know this is just to eliminate Spammers, but not us, regular webmasters, that are trying to get ranking, get closer to the first page in google, that first very top positions of the most popular internet Search website. I can call us ants, posting articles, submitting our sites to the several web directories, open accounts with enormous amounts of social media platforms working hard to build up our site reputation. We all know and I am almost 100% sure this will stay that way in the very long future. Links, quality links, paid links, pyramid links are going to be rewarded with better ranking. Of course on page SEO, meaning page design has to have good quality enough to keep regular user on it without increasing bounce rate.

How good are the links?

There are few basic tools you can check up on potential links. First of all is Google Page Rank Check if the web directory, article directory has any page rank at all. #10 is the best possible rank, as of today give to, but any rank better than 0 is good for the beginning of link building. More than 50% registered websites ranking is 0. (No ranking at all) Page rank was invented by Larry Page - Google Inc. - co-founder. Check if the website where you are going to submit link has any ranking in Alexa is ranking websites by their traffic, meaning the number #1 is the best rank by Alex ranking as of today given to Good forums, wed directories, article directories ranking are anywhere between 60K and 500K, but for a beginning of your online linking campaign, I recommend any Alexa ranking is good, since it will help your site Reputation number under the same Alexa profile, this is second Alexa's measurement.

Other useful tools are SEOmoz - online campaign software for SEO experts, Google Analytic and webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools (Bing is owned by Microsoft).

Our company decided to open our own web directory where you can place FREE links or with few dollars you can get feature link. I am encouraging you to visit our web directory, place your link as we both know this is going to help your SEO on a long run. Link to directory.

By: Danny S. (08/17/12)

More than 350 million Americans on the internet every day

Today is very important for the business owners to have their presence on the internet known as WWW (WorldWideWeb). It means just being up with the time, since competitors are presenting themselves on the web, it is time to move on with the time and get it done. If you don't have in-house designers, web developers, then you need to hire established and qualified web design agency to help you make this move and build up a professional website.

Not only the website is going to give you better image of your business, but will also drive several new customers to your business. Website will help you improve sales, increase numbers of repetitive customers, explore new connections.  

Almost everybody is using smart phones, lap tops, any device that has access to the internet. And what those potential customers do on the internet? They are looking, reading and shopping. They need direction how to get to the business that supplies their needs, and if your store, shop or service is not listed, they will most likely go to the competitors. 

Some small business owners believe that their business just does NOT need to be online. They might be comfortable with sales they are making, they might see too big of the obstacle to deal with the web designing, developing agency or just simply use any excuse that is not time yet. Let us inform you websites are like real estates, that have structure, history, connection, equipment and so on. Meaning longer you will pro-long your website project, harder will be to get out there and be known online. Start as soon as you can - today.

Being listed on Google local or having fan page on Facebook, be part of Yelp, those are only basics, which have to be connected with the online foundation of the business which is a website. 

When it comes to hiring the best agency, keep in mind there are several free-lancers offering cheap web design, that will build up your site and when it comes to ranking or being found on Google, they will just walk away. Hiring a good and affordable web design agency its extremely important for your project and budget. Don't be afraid of shopping around, asking several question and finding out more about your potential web designers.

Feel free to contact Websites Depot Inc. for free consultation, we will be more than happy to answer any of your question. You can also send us an email and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

By: Jack Jeffers (07/10/12)


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