"I built my own web with not many problems, so I thought suddenly I began to get calls from Google stating I was violating certain rules. I was fed up and almost gave up, but before that occurred I contacted these guys for advice. Nick at websites depot talked me through the lingo and so he got my site up to Google standards. If I have changes to make I just contact Nick that way I don’t have these tedious messages. "

- Josh

"I own a restaurant in a area that’s already very saturated with restaurants I needed something to make me stand out. I’ve been in the business for 25 years and with all that’s experience under my belt I still couldn’t make this happen. I called websites depot just to inquire about a plan of action I seriously couldn’t believe all the options there were. I did hire them to help me with marketing my business in social media sites etc.. Since then I’m actually on the map again, before I was just a needle in a hay stack. Nick and his team are professional and efficient!"

- Mark W.

"I’m an owner of a small jewelry company that has slowly flourished throughout the years, but recently I noticed that my business had decreased and didn’t know why. I shopped around and was really intrigued with websites depot only because they told me what the problem was right in the initial call that I made. I wasn’t promised anything and I wasn’t quoted an insane amount. Nick was working with me side by side letting me know what were some of the major setbacks of my site, one was that my site wasn’t mobile friendly, among other problems my business site was having. Nick and the websites depot team covered everything in a short matter of time. I have seen results and still improving day by day."

- Janice P.

"Hired Websites Depot for a small design job I needed and I ended up running into more problems with my site than I had expected. My websites was basically not user friendly Nick was really thorough explaining different options, I let the expert work his magic. I have no complaints about the outlook of my website. We have built a level of trust that I wouldn’t trade for anything, now I know who to call whenever I have a basic question or if I need web support."

- Sammy A.

"I honestly don't know where our business would be without Websites Depot. Hired these guys for online marketing, these guys can do it all. They created a youtube video for my medical spa. Amazing work, never an email unanswered. Thank you guys so much, I look forward to many more years of business with you guys. We owe you a bunch."

- Gordon

"This company is great with their tech support, great rapport, easy to contact and are quick to answer questions or emails. Danny has been awesome glad to have come across this company I have recommended them to friends and family. Keep up the great work!"

- Carl L.

"I would highly recommend Websites Depot for anyone needing help in starting a website, or building up an existing one. I worked with Danny he is very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant and easy to work with. One of Danny’s greatest assets is his ability to explain things in a clear and concise way so that even novices can understand the process. Danny not only provides a great website design, but continues to provide invaluable support."

- Sabrina

"Websites Depot is an A+ company! They provided me with top-notch design, eCommerce and SEO services. I was especially impressed with the Danny’s knowledge of SEO and what he was able to achieve for his other clients. Working with them was fast and affordable, I highly recommended anyone working with them."

- Tammy R.

"Robert at websites depot is always easy to reach or he replies to messages fast. If we need changes, they are implemented immediately; Nick calls us with suggestions or ideas on how to craft our web site to have better coverage and publicity. Websites Depot has a solid team I feel comfortable leaving my business in their hands."

- John

"Hiring Websites Depot enabled my business to grow immediately upon the site going live. Danny is personable, and easy to work with, and will the spend the time it takes to make your site marketable. He was never pushing me towards something I didn’t want, Danny listened to every detail and never said I was exceeding my expectations, instead he made it happen with no delays."

- Scott A.

"As a professional, I have never come across a more collaborative, nor intuitive web design firm than Websites Depot. Nick spent numerous hours working with me, helping me get the absolute most out of the site that he designed for me. I have a site that is heavy with media, and he was more than accommodating in helping me to bring out the very best of each and every item. I was particularly impressed with the speed and ease of which Nick and the team was able to design the site, build the site, develop the content of the site, get it on line, and get it listed in search engines across the globe. "

- George

"My little sister is getting married and she’s given me the planning role. The first thing I did was contact web developers to get a website started. After calling numerous companies I called Websites Depot and from the moment they answered my call I knew they were the ones that were going to simplify my life. They created a beautiful site not to mention a people friendly site our friends and family can view pictures stories of how the bride and groom met etc… My little sister couldn’t be happier and I relieved that everything went smoothly."

- Jennifer

"I contacted Websites Depot when I realized I was doing everything the old-school way. Whenever I met someone they always asked do you have a website? And I answered no. I felt like I had to do something about it I didn’t want to be left behind. After shopping around I found Websites Depot and instantly I felt like I had found someone genuine a company that actually cared about my needs. I first got the simple package and since then I have upgraded to SEO service as well. I can’t thank them enough for all the help they’ve given me my business has since flourished "

Los Encinos Nail Salon - Maria

"I have a retail business and I recently started selling online I had hired a company to manage my website but had little or no results. I shopped around and found websites depot immediately they looked into my webpage and told me what the problems were and what the other company had been doing exactly. Come to find out they hadn’t been doing much besides collecting their fees each month. My revenue hadn’t grown and I was just at lost for words Websites Depot not only helped me rebuild my page but also increased sales. They are a God send."

Mike of Hollywood - Mike

"Nick Jeffers and his team are awesome. They really are a professional! We used few other web developers in the past and were never satisfied with the service they were providing, usually we felt "left in the dark". Websites depot finished our project one week before deadline, they were pretty cool with several updates we requested. They are punctual and reliable, they even respond to the emails during the weekend. They were very knowledgeable and they were not afraid to share their know-how with us. Thank you for your patience with us and for an excellent website"

DSC Security Cameras - Joseph Duran

"If you are looking for a professional web design for affordable price, then Websites Depot Inc. is the answer you’ve been looking for. We shopped around before committing to them. They were one of most affordable for our budget. Despite of the low price they really delivered excellent customer support and an awesome web page. Our sales have increased tremendously Thank you!!!! Websites depot team we highly recommend your service to other e-commerce customers."

Kungfuhero Design - Shawn S.

"I just wanted to let you guys know, how happy I am with my website you guys. I know your team put lots of hours and hard work into this project. I really am very satisfied; I already referred my cousin for her new website and will recommend you to anybody that is looking for quality web designers. Thank you Guys"

Castle Statenberg - Ursa K.

Testimonials Websites Depot

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